Service Infiniti QX4 since 1996 of release
1. Introduction
2. The maintenance instruction
2.1. Access, protection
2.2. Elements of systems of safety
2.2.1. Elements of passive safety
2.2.2. System of additional safety (SRS)
2.3. The car equipment, an arrangement of devices and controls
2.4. Comfort
2.5. Operation receptions
2.6. A mode of operation in emergencies
3. Routine maintenance
4. The engine
5. Cooling and heating systems
6. Power supply systems and managements
7. Start and charge systems
8. A transmissionnaja line
9. Brake system
10. A suspension bracket and a steering
11. A body
12. An electric equipment


2.2. Elements of systems of safety

Backs of the occupied seats during car movement should be in the lifted position, — the excessive inclination of a back reduces efficiency of action both humeral, and zone seat belt sections!

Lift a seat back in vertical position, densely nestle on it a back and in the correct image adjust a seat belt.

The excessive inclination of a back essentially reduces efficiency of functioning of both sections of a seat belt

The general information

The driver sitting too close to the panel of devices is exposed to the raised risk травмирования, up to reception of serious mutilations and a lethal outcome from blow about a steering wheel or at operation of a pillow of safety, in case of road and transport incident.

In order to avoid risk травмирования, properly fasten a seat belt, result a seat back in vertical position and densely nestle on it a back, having removed at this seat in position as much as possible removed from a steering wheel. Thus, certainly, the driver should provide to itself the good review and possibility of a convenient manipulation with all controls the car. Be convinced that the seat of the forward passenger also is as much as possible removed from the panel of devices.

Too close position of seats of the driver and the forward passenger to a steering wheel / of the panel of devices in case of road and transport incident can lead to reception of serious traumas or even to a deadly outcome!

Try to have always forward seats on the maximum removal from modules of pillows of safety.

The overwhelming majority of drivers (even low growth) can remove as much as possible far a driver's seat from a steering wheel, freely getting thus to pedals. However if you are disturbed by too close position of a driver's seat to a steering wheel, composers of the present Management recommend to pay attention to some kinds of auxiliaries, — on firm car repair shops Infiniti always it is possible to receive the exhaustive information on this point in question.

Having convinced of correctness seat position, check up reliability of its fixing. Instructions on adjustment of position of forward seats are resulted more low.

Adjust an inclination of a back of a driver's seat, having resulted it in the most convenient for your constitution, as much as possible approached to vertical position, having left thus sufficient space between a thorax and a steering wheel nave in which the safety pillow is built in. Remember that excessively close arrangement of the driver / of the forward passenger to the panel of devices appreciably raises risk of reception of traumas at operation of pillows of safety.

Too strong inclination of a back of a seat leads to that the humeral section of a belt will not nestle on a thorax that in an essential measure reduces efficiency of protective functions of a belt. The more the seat back is inclined back, the above probability проскальзывания bodies sitting under lumbar section at strong front blow of the car, and that is heavier the got traumas can. Instructions on adjustment of backs of a seat are resulted more low.

The electric drive of adjustment of position of forward seats

At all do not make adjustment of position of a driver's seat during car movement! Do not leave juvenile children in salon of the car without supervision, - casual activation of controls can be at the bottom of reception of serious traumas!

Electromotors of a drive of seats are equipped by a protective contour of automatic return. If during adjustment there are any hindrances to seat moving repeated activation of a drive there are possible only later 30 seconds.

In avoidance подсадки the storage battery, try to reduce to a minimum of adjustment of position of seats at the muffled engine.

Adjustment of position of assemblage of a seat in a longitudinal direction

The multipurpose adjusting switch is from lateral aspect of the lateral panel of furnish of a pillow of a seat (forward of two). Updating of position of a seat is made by отжимания switch keys in a corresponding direction.

Adjustment of an inclination of a back of a seat

The rychazhkovyj switch of adjustment of an inclination of a back of a seat is located behind the switch of adjustment of position of a seat in a longitudinal direction. Adjustment is made by switch displacement forward or back.

Adjustment of height of position of a pillow of a seat

Adjustment of height of position of a pillow of a seat is made by means of the multipurpose switch, the same by which adjustment of position of assemblage of a seat in a longitudinal direction (see above) was made. For change of height of position of forward or back edge of a pillow wring out in a corresponding direction forward or back edge of a key of the switch.

Adjustment of a lumbar emphasis of a back of a driver's seat

Adjustment of a lumbar emphasis of a seat is provided in quality опциональной functions on in appropriate way the equipped cars. Rigidity and size выступания an emphasis are regulated by поворачивания in the corresponding party located on internal боковине backs of a seat of the lever. Lever procrastination forward leads to emphasis strengthening, and on the contrary.

Adjustment of a back seat

Seat folding


  1. Before to throw back forward a seat pillow, fix buckles of seat belts on specially provided for this purpose, built in in a back of a seat push-button clamps.
  1. Remove back headrests and fix them in a luggage space so that completely to exclude probability of their failure at sharp braking.

  1. Having pulled for a loop made of cloth, cast away a seat pillow forward and result it in vertical position.

  1. Delay the lock lever on a lateral surface of a back and combine last forward, having resulted it in horizontal position.

Transportation of people in a back part of salon at the combined back seat is strictly forbidden!

  1. Track reliability of fixing placed in a luggage space and the released back part of salon of cargo.

The luggage should not settle down above backs of forward seats.

  1. At return of a back of a back seat to vertical position track reliability защелкивания clamps.

Adjustment of an inclination of a back

For adjustment of an inclination of a back of a seat delay the lateral lock lever. Remember that during movement the back should be in vertical position.

Adjustment of headrests

Correctness of adjustment of position of headrests is a guarantee of safety of the driver and passengers at car blows behind!

At correct adjustment the headrest upper edge should be at level of an upper edge of an ear of the person sitting on a seat.

Поднимание a headrest it is made by simple it вытягивания from basis nests. For lowering it is necessary to wring out a push-button clamp and to drown a headrest.

The central armrest of a back seat

In the central part of a back seat the folding armrest, in the cleaned position leaving заподлицо with a back surface is equipped. For armrest transfer into position extend it from a landing nest in a back.

Steering column

Adjustment of an inclination of a steering column

At the expense of possibility of adjustment of position of a steering column the optimum position of the driver guaranteeing the maximum return of all means of passive and active protection at failure is reached.

The lever release блокиратора is on the right party of a casing of a column.

Wring out the lever downwards and make adjustment of an inclination of a column, having resulted a steering wheel in the position most convenient for you.

Seat belts

The general information

Before to be fastened by a seat belt adjust in appropriate way seat position (see above).

The driver of a vehicle, having fastened by the seat belt, should check, that all passengers also have been properly fastened.

The fastened and correctly adjusted seat belts protect the driver and passengers from possible traumas in case of road and transport incidents or considerably reduce their weight.

Seat belts are designed so that in regular intervals to distribute loading on a body of the person. The lumbar section of a belt should cover top of hips sitting, humeral is thrown through a breast and a shoulder. Wrong пристегивание belts considerably increases risk of reception of serious traumas in road incidents.

At all it is not authorised to modify or change a design of seat belts as it can create hindrances to functioning of the mechanism of adjustment of sagging of a belt.

Seat belts for maintenance of efficiency of their protective function should be adjusted taking into account comfort, but whenever possible hardly. The weakened belt considerably reduces efficiency of protection of the sitting.

It is necessary to avoid hit on a cloth of belts of polishing substances, oil, chemicals and especially storage acid. To clean belts it is possible a soft soap solution. In case of deterioration, strong pollution or damage of a cloth it is necessary to replace belts.

Insistently it is recommended to replace all complete set of the seat belts which have tested strong shock influence in road and transport incident even if belts were not damaged evidently.

Watch that seat belts have not been overwound.

The complete set of seat belts of one seat should be used only by one person. It is not supposed to fasten a belt of the child sitting in a lap of the passenger.

Use of seat belts during movement is strictly obligatory both for the driver, and for all passengers. By transportation children of chest and younger age use special children's seats.

After collision of the car as a result of road incident even if force of blow was insignificant, all complete sets of belts, including inertial drums and fixing designs, should pass checkup on HUNDRED. Composers of the present Management recommend to replace all complete sets of the belts which have tested shock loading at collision of the car if only collision was not rather weak, there are no traces of damages and belts continue to function regularly. The complete sets of seat belts established in the car, but not used at the moment of collision, also it is necessary to check up and replace in case of detection of damages or malfunction.

After operation the device of a tension of belts is not subject to a reuse. It is necessary to replace it together with an inertial drum, — address on a car repair shop.

The car is equipped by five seats and five complete sets of seat belts - two on forward seats and three on back seats. All people being in the car during movement should be fastened seat belts.

The humeral section of a belt should pass over a shoulder and a thorax. It is not supposed to pass it near at hand. Wrong пристегивание belts considerably increases risk of reception of serious traumas in road incidents.

At all do not pass lumbar section of a belt over a waist!

Children of advanced age should be fastened by standard seat belts. According to statistics of road incidents, it is more safe to children to sit on a back seat, than on the forward. If the humeral belt passes too close to the person or a neck of the child it is recommended to take advantage of a special additional seat which can be got separately. It is intended for a raising of the child so that the humeral belt laid down exactly on the shoulder middle, and zone — on hips. The additional seat should be compatible to the established seat. If after the lapse of time it appears that the humeral belt any more does not pass close from the face and necks of the child when it sits on the basic seat it is necessary to refuse an additional seat. It is not supposed to allow to stand on the feet to children or in a lap, or to be in a cargo compartment during car movement.

Pregnant women also should use seat belts. You can receive special recommendations at the attending physician. The zone belt is necessary for fastening so that it did not disturb and was as it is possible more low on hips.

By transportation injured passengers it is necessary to lay a seat belt taking into account character of damage. Consult at the attending physician.

Seat belts of a diagonalno-zone design (треханкерные belts)


  1. Latch скобу belt buckles in the lock, then pull for a strap of humeral section upwards, checking reliability of fixing скобы in the lock. Make sure that the belt strap is not overwound, — the overwound belt in itself is dangerous.

    A — Zashchelkivanie of a buckle of a seat belt of a forward seat
    B — Zashchelkivanie of a buckle of a diagonalno-zone seat belt of a back seat


  1. As much as possible lower zone section of a belt, having placed it as it is possible more low on hips, then, having pulled for humeral section, choose a weak point and try to achieve dense прилегания a belt to a body.

    A — Placing of sections of a seat belt of a forward seat
    B — Placing of sections of a diagonalno-zone seat belt of a back seat


  1. In case of need tighten a belt and achieve dense прилегания its humeral section to a trunk. The strap should pass through a thorax sitting on a diagonal so that loading at blow had basically on the strongest top part of a torso.

The scornful relation to application of seat belts is fraught with reception of serious traumas in case of road and transport incident!

  1. Correct position of zone section of a belt will provide the most safe repayment of inertia of a body at failure, keeping it for strong bones of a coxofemoral joint. If the strap passes through a hand shoulder, it is necessary to correct position top анкерного belt fastenings on a car rack.
  1. To adjust position of the top anchor of fastening of a belt, press buttons of a clamp and shift fastening upwards or downwards on built in in a rack directing, achieving correct position of humeral section of a belt concerning a neck. Fastening has four fixed positions.

At all do not pass humeral section of a belt near at hand and do not get it for a back, is it can appear it is fraught with the most serious consequences at failure!

  1. To unfasten a belt, press the red button with inscription PRESS which is located on the case of the lock of a buckle. At taking - up of a belt by a drum of the returnable device it is necessary to hold it for скобу buckles. After an exit from the car check up, that the belt has not got to a doorway and it has not appeared is clamped at захлопывании by last.
  1. It is necessary to hook on not used back belt for specially provided hook.

Belts of a diagonalno-zone design are equipped with the returnable device of the inertial type which drum, automatically chooses a weak point of straps and constantly supports a small preliminary tension of the belt pressed to a body. The inertial belt practically does not constrain movements of the fastened person and allows it to change a pose easily. At sharp вытягивании humeral section of a belt (jerks, blows, emergency braking) the fixing mechanism of the returnable device is put in action. The drum blocks a belt, excepting possibility of dangerous moving of the passenger.

Dvuhankernye seat belts

Dvuhankernye belts are used for fixing of the passenger sitting on the central place of a back seat. Both sections of a buckle (скоба and the lock) двуханкерного a belt are equipped by the special identification labels allowing easily to distinguish of them from elements of buckles of diagonalno-zone lateral belts. Constructive difference of buckles will not allow to make their wrong joint.

The order защелкивания buckles is similar described above for belts of a diagonalno-zone design.


  1. Having latched a belt buckle, adjust under itself its length. For increase in length develop a belt uvula under a corresponding corner to a tape of the last and pull a belt; belt truncation is made by вытягивания from a uvula of its free end, then it is necessary to move a collar for a choice of the formed weak point.

    A — Increase in length двуханкерного the central seat belt of a back seat
    B — Truncation двуханкерного the central seat belt of a back seat


  1. Having finished adjustment, shift a belt as it is possible more low on hips.

  1. Отстегивание a belt it is made in the manner similar to a diagonalno-zone design described above for belts.

Extension pieces of seat belts

If in view of a large constitution sitting пристегивание its seat belt it is not obviously possible, it is necessary to get specially let out extension piece, allowing to make escalating of a belt of a diagonalno-zone design to on 200 mm. An indispensable condition is conformity of the extension piece to a belt, — consult at the seller.

Extension piece installation is supposed only in the event that standard length of a belt obviously insufficiently!

Service of seat belts

For cleaning of tapes of seat belts it is necessary to use a weak water solution of soap, or one of wide scale of the automobile accessories presented in the market патентованных solutions for gentle cleaning of an internal upholstery of salon and seats. It is necessary to put a solution a soft brush, then to remove damp rags. Having finished cleaning, wipe a tape of a belt and allow to it to dry out a natural way without subjecting influence of a direct sunlight or artificial sources of heat, — in case of need fix a belt in the extended position.

Periodically check a condition of tapes and metal components анкерных knots and buckles of seat belts. In case of revealing of mechanical defects, or excessive люфтов the failed belt is subject to replacement.

Transportation of children of younger age

By transportation children of younger age it is necessary to use the special children's seats allowing reliably to fix the child by regular seat belts on forward passenger, or a back seat of the car. At all do not transport children in a lap and do not try to fix their standard belts. Exhaustive data on installation and fixing of special children's seats always can be received on firm car repair shop Infiniti.

Danger of a poisoning монооксидом carbon (WITH)

Into structure of the fulfilled gases of the engine enters extremely toxic монооксид carbon (WITH). At serviceable final system and correct operation of the car, the fulfilled gases of the engine should not get to car salon. Try to check a technical condition of system of release of the fulfilled gases and tightness of connections of its pipelines in following cases:

  • At the next replacement of engine oil when the car is established on the lift;
  • At change of character of the noise published by final system appreciable on hearing;
  • After failure in which the details located under the bottom of the car could be damaged.

Монооксид carbon is toxic gas. Inhalation WITH causes loss of consciousness and can lead to a deadly outcome. Be careful to be in the closed, not aired premise or to make works at which will be compelled to breathe air containing оксид of carbon in the big concentration!
In the closed premises with bad ventilation, for example, in garage concentration WITH can quickly increase to dangerous value. Therefore it is forbidden to leave the engine working at the closed collars of garage (even at open collars do not leave the engine working long time). At once after realisation of start of the engine it is necessary to leave garage and to continue unit warming up in the street.

At movement with an open door of a back the fulfilled gases of the engine can get to salon of the car and create a dangerous situation. If door closing for any reason is not obviously possible, it is necessary to open completely all windows and to include ventilation and air conditioning system

At a finding in the car with the engine working on single turns (even on the open area), make following inclusions:

  • Include system of ventilation of salon in a mode of inflow of fresh air;
  • Include the heater fan for the maximum speed;
  • Regulator establish comfortable level of temperature of air.

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