Service Infiniti QX4 since 1996 of release
1. Introduction
2. The maintenance instruction
2.1. Access, protection
2.1.1. Keys – the general information
2.1.2. Doors
2.1.3. Remote control by functioning of the electric drive of activators of door-locks / activation of the anticreeping alarm system
2.1.4. Access in подкапотное space
2.1.5. Access to a ware box
2.1.6. Access to a jellied mouth of a fuel tank
2.1.7. The ignition lock / blocking of a steering column
2.1.8. Anticreeping system
2.2. Elements of systems of safety
2.3. The car equipment, an arrangement of devices and controls
2.4. Comfort
2.5. Operation receptions
2.6. A mode of operation in emergencies
3. Routine maintenance
4. The engine
5. Cooling and heating systems
6. Power supply systems and managements
7. Start and charge systems
8. A transmissionnaja line
9. Brake system
10. A suspension bracket and a steering
11. A body
12. An electric equipment


2.1.8. Anticreeping system

All models Infiniti are standardly equipped by the anticreeping alarm system and иммобилизатором the engine.

The anticreeping alarm system

The indicator of the anticreeping alarm system

System inclusion is accompanied by activation of the special light indicator. The indicator is built in in the left part of the panel of devices, in immediate proximity from a steering column (the Scheme of an arrangement of controls see the panel of devices of the car an illustration).

Activation of the anticreeping alarm system


  1. Make sure of density of closing of all windows.

The system can be activated even at open windows.

  1. Take a key from the ignition lock.
  2. Close all doors (including a door of a back and its glass) and a cowl.

Doors can be closed by means of a key, blocking buttons, the switch of activation of the uniform lock (Doors see) or from a remote control (ДУ) the uniform lock (Remote control by functioning of the electric drive of activators of door locks/activation of the anticreeping alarm system see).

  1. Make sure of serviceability of activation of the light indicator, — after a continuous luminescence within 30 seconds the indicator should pass in a flashing mode. If within the first 30 seconds any of car doors it will be open by one of possible ways, or the key in the ignition lock will be turned in position ON or АСС, system activation will be cancelled.

Slow поворачивание a key in the lock forward on the car at door lock-out can lead to blocking of activation of the anticreeping alarm system. Key turn back for vertical position it is possible to make system deactivation. At refusal of 30-second activation of the light indicator it is necessary to unlock a door, then to lock it again.

Activation of the anticreeping alarm system can be made even if in car salon there are people, — for switching-off of system it is enough to turn a key in the ignition lock in position АСС.

Conditions of operation of the anticreeping alarm system

At attempts of unapproved penetration or car rocking the anticreeping system makes inclusion of the faltering sound signal accompanied by a blinking of headlights.

Automatic switching-off of alarm signals occurs after 2-3 minutes then the system passes again in a mode of active expectation.

Alarm system operation occurs under following conditions:

  • Attempt of unapproved unlocking of any of car doors (even if it are made from within the car with the help блокираторов door-locks);
  • Attempt of opening of a cowl (even if it is made from within the car by means of the lever release latches);
  • Attempt of opening of back glass (even if it is made from within the car by means of the regular switch);
  • Attempt of connection of the storage battery after its switching-off more than for 1 second.

Deactivation of the anticreeping alarm system

For switching-off of the alarm system it is enough to unlock in the regular way one of car doors.

Поворачивание a key in the ignition lock in position АСС or ON will not lead to alarm signal switching-off!

Иммобилизатор the engine

In a head of keys of the models equipped with system иммобилизации of the engine, the microchip making switching-off иммобилизующего the engine of the antijoy ride device enters. Microchip damage can lead to loss of possibility of realisation of start of the engine! Do not suppose excessive heating of keys, do not leave them for a long time under the influence of direct solar beams; try not to drop keys and not to put on them heavy subjects; avoid the moisture influence, the become wet complete set accurately wipe dry a soft fabric. No replaceable elements of a food to a microchip are provided, — at all do not undertake independent attempts of dismantling of a head of a key!

The device enters into a standard complete set of anticreeping system of all models Infiniti иммобилизации the engine (easier — иммобилизатор). The device serves for prevention of attempts of unapproved start of the engine and is effective anticreeping means.

The light indicator of anticreeping system is activated each time at поворачивании the ignition key in position LOCK, OFF or АСС. Refusal of the indicator of switching-off at поворачивании a key in position ON testifies to infringement of serviceability of functioning иммобилизатора.

The engine equipped иммобилизатором the car can be started only by means of the ignition key equipped with a built in microchip. In a microchip the special code is ciphered, and the anticreeping system makes blocking switching-off only in case of its identification. Attempt of start of the engine by means of any other key or a master key leads to switching-off of a chain of start of the engine.

At switching-off refusal иммобилизатора at engine start by a regular key (for example, at the expense of influence of the hindrances directed by a microchip of other key or the panel of the device of remote transfer of payment for journey), it is necessary to repeat attempt, operating in a following order:

  • Leave a key in position ON approximately for 5 seconds;
  • Turn a key in position OFF or LOCK and wait even 5 seconds;
  • Repeat both described above procedure;
  • Repeat attempt of start of the engine, preliminary having made sure that the possible source of hindrances is removed from a key on sufficient distance.

Will hold most correctly the ignition key on a separate charm.

If the system repeatedly refuses to identify a key code, and also at refusals of switching-off of the light indicator after ignition inclusion, it is necessary to address on the nearest firm car repair shop Infiniti.

Do not undertake attempts to make any changes and additions in a design иммобилизатора, is can lead to infringement of normal functioning of electronic systems of the car and make its uncontrollable.

In case of loss of a key and impossibility of start of the engine, address on company Infiniti car repair shop.

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