Service Infiniti QX4 since 1996 of release
1. Introduction
1.1. Cars Infiniti QX4 – the summary
1.2. Identification numbers of the car
1.3. Acquisition of spare parts
1.4. Technology of service, the tool and the workplace equipment
1.5. Automobile химикалии, oils and greasings
1.6. Diagnostics of malfunctions of knots and car systems
2. The maintenance instruction
3. Routine maintenance
4. The engine
5. Cooling and heating systems
6. Power supply systems and managements
7. Start and charge systems
8. A transmissionnaja line
9. Brake system
10. A suspension bracket and a steering
11. A body
12. An electric equipment


1.1. Cars Infiniti QX4 – the summary

The Japanese off-road car Nissan Terrano is on sale in the USA under name Nissan Pathfinder. The American branch of corporation Nissan Motors — Infiniti — in 1996 has presented more magnificent version of this off-road car which has received name Infiniti QX4.

The all-wheel drive off-road car of lux-class Infiniti QX4 with a body 5-dvernyj the Versatile person is created on the frame chassis of known models Nissan Pathfinder/Terrano II. The main difference QX4 is hidden in system of the full drive which principle of action is tested on the sports car Nissan Skyline GT-R offered the Japanese buyers. Interaxal differential QX4 with вязкостной муфтой copes electronic "brain", depending on frequency of rotation of each wheel, a cranked shaft of the engine and position of a pedal of an accelerator.

Outwardly Infiniti QX4 differs from Nissan Pathfinder only registration передка and wheel arches. But luxury of salon 10 times more. By expensive skin Connoly are upholstered not only seats, but also door panels, a steering wheel and the gear change lever. Two forward pillows of safety, a steering wheel with the built in buttons of adjustment of an audiosystem and the automatic conditioner of air supplement the salon equipment.

Under a cowl at Infiniti QX4 settles down six-cylinder, 24-klapannyj the V-shaped petrol engine with the top arrangement of four (on two on each of heads of cylinders) camshafts (DOHC). Volume of cylinders 3.3 l, capacity developed by the engine—170 make h.p. the Engine works together with four-stage automatic transmission with raising transfer and electronic control.

In 2001 company Infiniti has presented to attention of consumers the new version QX4 equipped with engine V6 DOHC in volume of 3.5 l and capacity of 243 h.p.

Off-road car body — the five-door Versatile person. The equipped weight of the car of 1940 kg. The constant full drive, and a two-level distributing box has an off-road car (interaxal differential with вязкостной муфтой, the variator of distribution of a twisting moment of forward and back wheels) allows to disconnect forward wheels if necessary. Forward brakes disk, back — drum-type. The system of antiblocking of brakes (ABS) is established. A lay brake with a drive on back wheels.

Steering — реечное with the hydraulic booster.

Forward suspension bracket completely independent MakFersona with racks, back - dependent 5-lever. Stabilizers of cross-section stability are established on both bridges.

The sizes of an off-road car 4670 х 1840 х 1795 mm. The maximum speed of 177 km/h. Till the speed of 97 km/h the car is dispersed for 11,2 seconds

The off-road car is equipped by all achievements of all-wheel drive technics. System AII-Mode allows the driver not to reflect what to block and what to connect on impassability. Electronic coupling even more simplifies management. Such exotic elements enter into equipment five-seater Infiniti QX4, as the battery of solar elements on a roof, audiosystem BOSE.

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